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top 500 business list BristolBristol Top Companies - Companies based in Bristol - Top Companies in Bristol provides a detailed business list and valuable financial data on the major (biggest) employers in Bristol. Iinternationally recognised as a premier UK city-region and capital of the South West. The city ranks amongst the most attractive, successful and culturally prestigious cities in the UK and enjoys a rising profile within Europe, USA, China, Japan and other countries. This is due to the City's world-class knowledge economy based on aerospace, defence, engineering, ICT, electronics, financial services, media, creative and environmental industries.

View and purchase from the online storeThese 500 Bristol businesses have a total turnover of nearly £50bn a year and employ more than 300,000 people. They buy and sell products of all kinds, all the time, from computers to legal services, and the more you know about them, the more likely you are to be able to get a share of their business.

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Bristol Area Information 2011

Population estimated at over 420,000 with a catchment area in excess of 1,000,000.
Unemployment rate currently believed to be around 5.7%.
Average Earnings £29,500.
Average House Prices £167,000.


Bristol is home to many renowned foreign owned companies and more than a third of the UK owned FTSE 100 companies have a significant presence in the Bristol area. For Bristol City Council’s Chief Executive, Jan Ormondroyd, it’s evidence that “Bristol is a very exciting place to be these days. Employers are attracted here because they know the city attracts the skilled people they need to be competitive. It’s got the right ‘buzz’, quality of life and cultural offer for the young and ambitious, with many graduates of the local universities staying on and seeking a career here.
"But it’s not just about graduates and high-fliers. Many successful small businesses are thriving and expanding, often around the larger firms, providing a wide range of services from construction to catering. A buoyant economy means more jobs and better prospects for all Bristol residents.

Bristol City is a hive of business activity, from aeronautic, rail and defence (Airbus, Babcock Technology, Rolls Royce) Mobile Communications (Orange, Nokia) Financial Services, Insurance, Assurance and Investment Management Companies (Lloyds TSB, AXA Life, Jelf Group, Hargreaves Lansdown) Electronics (Hewlett Packard, SEA Systems) and a growing service and professional sector (Deloitte, KPMG, Price Waterhouse, Osbourne Clarke).
From fledgling companies, branch, regional and head offices, research and development, high technology and international companies its businesses are a hive of activity. With over 45,000 limited companies registerd in Bristol and over 3,000 companies employing more than 5 people. Home to Axa Life, Airbus UK, Computershare, Orange Mobile Communications PCS, Imperial Tobacco, Toshiba Research and 500 other top companies providing a diverse range of employment and supply chain opportunities. To discover all the top companies simply purchase the Bristol Top 500 Companies list. More…


top 500 business list TownThis professionally compiled Bristol Business List is available for immediate download, providing you with a single source of information on companies in the Bristol Area. You will probably come across a number of sources on the Web providing information on companies in Bristol, a lot of them free, many of them out of date, which will give you basic information on some of the major employers - if your budget is very small then these may be a good place to start. However, the information supplied by Top Companies provides everything you will need in a single spreadsheet so you don't waste valuable time searching and re-typing for hours and days only to find the information you collected is only half of that obtained from using our Bristol business list.

The Top 500 Bristol companies list provides up-to-date, well researched data on one of the most powerful economic regions in the UK, with stong emphasis on financial services, aerospace, engineering and distribution.The business lists include details of the Company, Company address and postcode, telephone number, fax number (if available), the company's principle activity, numbers employed by the company and annual turnover as well as other useful details such as the web address link which will take you directly to that company's web site (most companies web sites are full of information, waiting to be used). Companies are listed by number of employees.

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Company Name Address Area Town Postcode
Clerical Medical Investment 10 Cannons Way Bristol BS1 5LF
Airbus Operations Ltd Golf Course Lane Bristol BS34 7QQ
Imperial Tobacco Ltd Po Box 525, Upton Road Southville Bristol BS99 1LQ
Orange (PCS) Ltd St James Court, Great Park Road Almondsbury Park Bristol BS32 4QJ
Canada Life Ltd 3 Rivergate Temple Quay Bristol BS1 6ER
Axa Sun Life Plc Brierly Furlong Stoke Gifford Bristol BS34 8SW
Allied Domecq Ltd The Pavilions Bristol BS13 8AR


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Unitary authority - Bristol has City status and is a unitary authority.


Bristol City Council - Colston House, Colston Street, Bristol, Avon, BS1 5AQ. Telephone 0117 922 4416


Address Lists - Business Directory Bristol - companies based in Bristol including address, telephone number and financial details


PostCode Area - BS - Bristol


Telephone Area Code - Bristol Code 0117


MP for Bristol, Chis Skidmore - Conservative Parlimentary Candidate for Kingswood. 47 High Street, Kingswood, Bristol.
June 24th 2010 - MP's new office opens for business. House of Commons committee scrutinising goverment policy and House of Commons Health Select Committee.


MP for Bristol, Kerry McCarthy - Labour MP for Bristol East. 326A Church Road, St George, Bristol, BS5 8AJ. Telephone 0117 939 9901


MP for Bristol, Charlotte Leslie - Conservative Parlimentary Candidate for Bristol North West.
c/o 5 Westfield Park, Bristol, BS6 6LT
June 24th 2010 - House of Commons Education Select Committee

MP for Bristol Dawn Primarolo - Labour MP for Bristol South. PO Box 1001, Bristol, Avon, BS99 1WH. Telephone 0117 909 0063


MP for Bristol Stephen Williams - Liberal Democrate MP for Bristol West. PO Box 2500, Bristol, Avon, BS69 9AH.
Telephone 0117 942 3494 or House of Commons, London, Sw1A 0AA. Telephone 020 7219 8416.