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Wakefield Top Companies - Companies based in Wakefield - The Top 500 Companies in the Wakefield area represent a great marketing opportunity, particularly for go-ahead sales teams which are prepared to research the business needs of companies in specific locations. Free Top 500 Business Lists Sample Try a free business list sample today
The Top 500 Wakefield area list of companies provides up-to-date, well researched data on one of the key economic regions in the UK. The Wakefield business lists include details of the Company, Company address and postcode, telephone number, fax number (if available), the company's principle activity, numbers employed by the company and annual turnover (where we have been able to collect the information) as well as other useful details such as the web address which will take you directly to that company's web site (most companies web sites are full of iinformation, waiting to be used).

View and purchase from the online storeThe list of companies in Wakefield will be made available on demand so you can be sure it will be up-to-date as possible, please e-mail us if you are interested in purchasing this list.

Overall, the list provides a superb starting point for any marketing, mailing or tele-sales initiative you may wish to undertake or simply use as a mailing list.

Use our direct marketing lists to soft-sell, build relationships, create and discover email and social media bridges, perfect for every business-to-business market from office cleaning and building maintenance to banking and professional services. It opens the door for you to actively market to senior decision-makers and a quick, cost effective way for you to approach these companies making that first contact and to establish on-going relationships.


Lists are compiled using a variety of sources including Companies House, Local Directories, Valuation Office Information and a number of other suppliers of Company Data, Property Information and Financial Data and enhanced with additional details.

As a leading online supplier of company lists / business lists, we pride ourselves on being one of the most competitive in the business, supplying some of the best researched and up-to-date business lists and company lists available.

Our lists are constantly being updated against a number of sources. Approximately 10,000 amendments on average are made every month.  We do our best to keep our records as up-to-date as possible. Obviously we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy at any particular moment in time. Help us keep up to date, please inform us of any inaccuracies you may encounter.

We make it as easy as possible to buy our lists. Our 'Online Store' is constantly being updated and new lists added each week. Not all of our business lists are availbale for immediate download but can be ordered and supplied within a 24/48hr period. If you cannot find the list you are looking for simply send us your order by email to admin@topcompanies.co.uk detailing the location of your choice, the number of records (100, 250, 500), your address details that the invoice is to be sent to and your telephone number so that we can call you back or email you with the delivery details, pricing and payment arrangements.

If you prefer, ring us on Freephone 0800 756 9956 to discuss your requirements and place an order. Small samples of lists can be supplied so you know exactly what you will be getting. • Card payments can be made by telephone or through our online store..


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This professionally compiled Wakefield Business List available from Top Companies is normally supplied within 24/48hrs. We accept payment by debit or credit cards using HSBC as well as BACs payments. Please do not send Credit Card Details by post or email. Simply place the order and we will advise when your list is ready and contact you to take payment details.

You will probably come across a number of sources on the Web providing information on companies in Wakefield, a lot of them free, many of them out of date, which will give you basic information on some of the major employers - if your budget is very small then these may be a good place to start. However, the information supplied by Top Companies provides everything you will need in a single spreadsheet so you don't waste valuable time searching and re-typing for hours only to find the information you collected is only half of that obtained from using our major employers in Wakefield business list.

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